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what my clients say.

Christine has helped me along my career path in several different ways. She is a fantastic listener, very insightful, and has suggested several possible roles and careers that I hadn’t thought of that are a good fit for my skills and personality. She has assisted me in framing my resume to best showcase my skills and accomplishments for the position I was applying for.  She has also been a very helpful resource as I have transitioned into a new position by being a sounding board for problem solving and communication issues that naturally arise as a result of working with a new team. I am definitely planning on continuing the relationship as she continues to provide valuable advice on networking and personal development.   

/// Kate M., Merchandising Professional

Before working with Christine, I had numerous unsuccessful interview experiences.  She worked with me on interviewing skills and I got a job offer from my FIRST interview after working with her.  She is an expert and has helped me boost my confidence in interviewing and verbal communication!

/// Jon F., Advertising Professional

Christine is very approachable and I felt comfortable talking to her.  She helped me put my goals into action and provided really valuable information.

/// University of Minnesota Student

Christine is excellent.  She is very relatable and genuine.  Her ability to listen and provide practical insight was most helpful! 

/// University of Minnesota Student

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