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career tips.

March, 2017


We all know that networking is so important during the career development process (whether you're seeking a job, or happily employed).  Make sure that you network to enhance your brand, rather than hurt it. Read 7 Face-To-Face-Networking Mistakes That Could Kill Your Professional Image, by Nellie Akalp. I admit that I've been guilty of number 1! 

February, 2017

#Cover Letters

Cover letters are often seen as an afterthought for job seekers.  They can be tricky because some employers put more value into them than others.  Regardless, these simple tips are important to keep in mind when crafting your cover letter.  It's all about the language and your tone! Learn about these cover letter "dont's" that Ashley Mason outlines in her article, Five Things You Should Never Write in a Cover Letter.

January, 2017


Yes, yes and yes to all the interview "no-nos"  that William Arruda discusses in his article!  Great advice for anyone, at any level, in any industry. Read it here

November, 2016


I often see people "sell themselves short" when putting together application materials, or during interviews. Don't forget to showcase all experiences and assets that are relevant to your field (even if they don't come from "formal experience)!  This article is spot on: Ten Things You Didn't Know You Could Claim on Your Resume, by Liz Ryan

October, 2016  


In September, I discussed ways to reduce interview jitters by focusing on perfecting the things you can control.  One of those things is being able articulate a response to "Tell Me About Yourself." While you don't know everything that will be asked in the interview, you can count on the fact that they will want to know about you and how you're qualified for the job. Another key piece of an interview that you can control is your body language.  There is a lot of great research about the impact body language has on a person's success.  Amy Cuddy delivers a powerful TED Talk about the role body language has in shaping who you are.  Check it out here.

September, 2016  


It's no secret that interviews cause anxiety for most job seekers.  Much of this anxiety comes from the fact that interviews are filled with uncertainty, which takes control away from the interviewee.  While it's healthy for a candidate to have some nerves going into an interview, seekers can ease anxiety by nailing the things they can control.  This will help you naturally be more confident before and during an interview.  One thing that is easy to control is to prepare for the the "Tell Me About Yourself" question.  Whether or not employers explicitly ask it verbatim, they will all want to know about you and why you are the best candidate for the job.  So, go into the interview ready to impress them with your answer.  Even better: that topic is usually discussed at the beginning of the interview.  If you articulate yourself well, then you're setting the tone for a successful interview filled with confidence.   Learn more from Peggy McKee's article, "How to Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself'"

August, 2016  


I'm a firm believer that personality assessments can provide a lot of great insight on career exploration. Sometimes they open your eyes to a career path you've never considered, or they may simply reinforce what you already know.  One of my favorite tools is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  See what Caroline Howatt has to say in her article, 4 Dimension of Personality Types and Ideal Careers for Each One

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